Denkfabrik is Hope Germany's training institute.

It helps you to discover why you think how you think, how you give reasons for what you think, and how you argue in order to provoke thoughts for yourself and others.

And, of course, why we consider faith as the most alternative discipline of human thinking.

For one week, or for three weekends, you work in a team of at most 15 participants and at least two trainers on your theological and philosophical knowledge and your argumentative and rhetoric abilities.

Intensive textual work, interactive methods and open feedback provide you with new ideas what God might be up to with your life.



Denkfabrik XL in Englisch
in Duisburg, Germany
Wednesday 23th (9am) to
Sunday 27th May 2018 (2:30pm)
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(For Denkfabrik in German, please go to the German version of this page.)

For further details, please refer to the Infoletter.


Registration fee: €45

Your participation should not fail due to the price. You can apply for a discount if you cannot afford the registration fee.


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