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Who are you?

WE are a surprise.
At least to ourselves.
W has been dreaming of being an evangelist for years.  No matter where. But always with full commitment.
H has been learning Arabic for years. Even at the university. Even in Cairo.
S always had a heart for these countries, but until now God had limited him to Germany.
M comes from Cairo. M lives in Cairo. M is not fixed on Cairo.

We do not know each other yet. Only from the first online meetings.
We are curious who WE will be at the end of 2022.
The nice thing is that we make M happy already now.
"That is so cool. I'm so freaked. When are you coming?"

What do you want to see?

Honestly, we have no idea yet.
Nine million people in the city. 20 million in the metropolitan area.
Oh, we got it. M knows half of 20 million and the rest of the Arab world. That's just the way he is. And there are other friends waiting for us. Sudanese refugees. Yemeni refugees. English teachers of English.

Apart from that, we'd keep our heads down for now.
Why does God want especially US to go there?
Well, let's see.
However, we believe that with every new person we meet in Cairo, it becomes clearer why WE keep coming back.
And M is already there.

How did you get this idea?

It all started during a training weekend for apostolically gifted leaders in Southern Germany. Large empty pieces of paper lay on the floor. "To what city, region, subculture, etc. does God send you next?" H wrote CAIRO at the top, with big brave letters. Of course, R didn't miss that.
R is not on the team, but had been praying independently with S and W for weeks for their next steps. Different suggestions had come up. And had been rejected again. "Not Pakistan." "You don't have enough leave to be away for four weeks at a time." "Has God forbidden anything outside Germany? Or did he just tell you to concentrate on Germany first?" In any case, R brought up Cairo once. And never said another word about it later. Until they both came to him, again independently. "Cairo!"
And M? Oh, yes! Did we mention he was counting the days?

What challenges do you expect?

Is it fair to write at this point that we try to keep an "open mind"? Can we expect no challenges at all? That will certainly change after the first trip. The different personalities. The situation on site. The amount of contacts. M, in any case, will be able to solve all challenges: he's from Cairo.

What are you going to do?

We've already started to meet on the internet. Planning the first trip is underway. M is already helping us to meet new people in Cairo. And wherever else he has friends. It would be good to be able to fly there still in autumn. We have already started to put money aside for this. And M? He's already paving the way for us.

published in May 2020