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Nehemiah 3

The holistic church planters approach

If there is a calling, there is a plan. To plant a house church is something that you can do. There are clear steps you go, there are spiritual laws at work you can discover, there is a God who has prepared wisdom for you to find in His word.

We want to understand the mechanics of how to build according to God’s principles. It is not luck for you to end up with a group of disciples in which multiplication happens.  Follow the plan that’s laid out in the book of Nehemiah.

Join us for the six-session course and evaluate your own situation and fields of learning in small groups of like-minded people.
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Nehemiah 1: Thursday 15.04. 20:00

Nehemiah 2: Wednesday 28.04. 20:00 

Nehemiah 3: Wednesday 12.05. 20:00 

Nehemiah 4: Thursday 27.05. 20:00 

Nehemiah 5 & 6: Wednesday 9.06. 20:00