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  • Freedom 4

Freedom 4. 4 Freedom!

How does freedom feel to you?
It starts and hopefully never stops.
It grows and grows and grows.

At first you thought that doing what you want is freedom.
Then you got to know Jesus and were able to do more of
what is good for you and less of what is bad for you.

Becoming more free from something is freedom for something.
Discipleship and mentoring can start there and strengthen healthy processes
in you. You live in abundance. Sometimes freedom comes like a miracle,
sometimes it is hard work.

Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and you are on the path together.

We want to help you in this.

If you want to grow into this freedom right after your baptism,
attend a basic seminar and ask us where and when it will take place.

If you need help that goes beyond the discipleship process with your mentor,
because there are things going on inside you that are holding you back and freedom seems far away,
we are glad to help you with the next step.