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Prophecy and prayer

I see what you do not see... 

...I see quite a lot.

You can't tell a secret to everyone. God tells me his. Because He trusts me so much, I am learning to handle this responsibility. We are training prophets to become good stewards of God's mysteries and to work with apostolically gifted leaders.

...I don't see quite that much.

Our basic seminars appeal to you, your house church, your team or your network if you seek freedom and diversity in the prophetic realm and don't want to sacrifice accountability and discipleship. matter what you see:

We share our experiences in different areas and are excited every time to see what new things we can discover ourselves.

Understanding the unspeakable: Interpreting tongues
The Lord gives it to His own in sleep: interpreting dreams
Learning to have God-factor conversations: talking about Jesus and prophecy
Prayer in Hope Germany: for me, for you, for all teams and networks among us

Our offers: 

Theme skypes
Trainings on site
Basic seminars (hearing God's voice, even in decisions)
Events and workshops at the Leadership Conference
Prayer for each other