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Potsdam - the nicest city in the world*

Who are you?

I'm Tobias Schweiß. I was born in Hohenlohe. I moved to Berlin eight years ago. I did this because my friend and former mentor told me that I would be building house churches all over Germany. I prayed: God, if this is your plan, show me the next step! Then I got an email. In it I was asked whether I wanted to move to Berlin.
The "everywhere in Germany" has not yet come true...
But I have already talked to my two flatmates. They will accompany me to Potsdam whenever they can. They both took part in "Next Steps". We also want to ask those who are about to start "Next Steps" if they want to come along.

What do you want to see?

I've never been to Sanssouci. But that's not why we're going to Potsdam. We're going to Potsdam Central Station. Get off. Pray. Let the Holy Spirit guide us. Going downtown. Let's see who we can talk to.
My wish: Freaking talk to 1000 people.

How did you get this idea?

I had seen advertisements for Biosphäre Potsdam on the subway. That gave me the idea to go there. This was my first visit to Potsdam, although I have lived in Berlin for eight years. On this trip the idea came up: once a month.
When I was told about START50, I had to think about it again. Then I told my flatmates about it. They also wanted to come along.
Besides there is already a friend in Potsdam. He also used to live with us. We will visit him at first.

What challenges do you expect?

I have a problem with empathy. That's my biggest problem. When I talk to people, I don't understand what they want. And need. Getting there and talking to people is not difficult. But calling and staying in touch. That's much harder for me.
I think it's great that we're gonna do this together. But that's kind of scary too. What if they look at me with big eyes: Tobi, what are we doing here?

What are you going to do?

We’ll go there on the first Saturday of every month, and in the summer for an entire weekend. We’ll go to Potsdam Central Station, get off the train, pray, and let the Holy Spirit guide us. We’ll then head out and see who we can talk to. And we’ll find out what the Holy Spirit has planned, and make some new friends!

published in May 2020