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Exercises for teams: your connection upwards

by Lisa

Three ideas on how you as a body can take the head more seriously and let it do its work.

In the next weeks we will present you with exercises that you can do together with your teams, house churches, or youth groups. Or in any other constellation in which you see yourselves as the "Body of Christ" : )

Today we' ll give you some ideas for cultivating your relationship with your common „head" together.
Soon there will be some ideas about relationships with each other and with people outside your group. 

Decide on one of the exercises and try it out. At the end, talk about how you felt about the exercise, if it helped, what felt weird, who you would recommend it to. Think about how you will integrate the things you experienced into your everyday life as a team.

Have you had a good experience with one of the exercises?
Do you have completely different ideas and don't want to keep them to yourselves?
Write to us at and we will collect and publish your experiences and suggestions.

Exercise 1: Conversations help

Spend some time with Jesus and ask him questions. First, everyone listens in silence, then you share answers.

Jesus, we want to know you better and take you seriously.
1) Jesus, what do you want from me personally?
2) What do you want us to know about you?
3) What can we do (together) to get to know you better in our meetings?

As I said - just try it out, we are sure God will be happy to answer. If you don't have much experience with this and would like some suggestions, the VIZIONS team may be able to help you.

Exercise 2: We are there, God is missing

You have the feeling that nothing is happening in your relationship with God in your team meeting or house group or worship service? You are present but God doesn't seem to show up... Or it's just always "nice" and that's not enough for you anymore?

Try the following: Read Isaiah 58:1-12 together and instead of the word "fasting" put the word "team meeting/house group/worship service“. Read it out aloud.
What things prevent God from being comfortable with you? Ask his forgiveness for what you have noticed.
Beginning in verse 6, you will find clues as to what God would like more. Why don't you start doing that right now?  For example, by continuing to pray, discussing things directly with Him, and asking Him to help you do it.

Exercise 3: Tap into the source - for everything!

Jesus and his disciples were regularly confronted with current social and religious issues. What is the most important commandment? Do I have to pay taxes? Why do you heal on the Sabbath?
Jesus knew that he would not stay until all questions were answered. That's why he gave his disciples - and us - his Spirit. So that he will guide us into all truth, no matter what questions arise.

What questions are you facing right now? Collect them and write them down.
Which one of these questions is the most urgent right now? Discuss them with Jesus - directly and by reading about them in the Bible.

Admittedly, for some topics it is not so easy to search the Bible for answers. There are none, or too many, or contradictory.... If you need ideas or support, ask the team of the Denkfabrik